Don't miss out on hires!

Simplify your job posting on Stratas Reach.

→  Manage all your job postings from one place.
→  Target specific locations with your posts.
→  Apply boilerplate info to all jobs from a central hub.

The Reach module of Stratas makes managing your job posts simple and efficient. Create customized  job boards that make sure you don't lose out on landing your best hires anymore.

Randall Reilly Job Postings

How does Reach improve your job postings?

Drastically cut the time it takes to post jobs.

  • Apply boilerplate information to all jobs posts at once
  • Effortlessly post jobs to your target geographic areas
  • Build custom branded job boards
Stop missing out on your best hires.
  • Secure the cost-friendly hires from organic traffic
  • Keep them engaged with a simple way to apply
  • Monitor the status of applications with tracking tools

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